FACt: FORTRAN toolbox for calculating fluctuations in atomic condensates

Published: 9 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5h348ndydg.1
Arko Roy,
Sukla Pal,
S. Gautam,
D. Angom,
P. Muruganandam


We develop a FORTRAN code to compute fluctuations in atomic condensates (FACt) by solving the Bogoliubov–de Gennes (BdG) equations for two component Bose–Einstein condensate (TBEC) in quasi-two dimensions. The BdG equations are recast as matrix equations and solved self consistently. The code is suitable for handling quantum fluctuations as well as thermal fluctuations at temperatures below the critical point of Bose–Einstein condensation. The code is versatile, and the ground state density profile and low energy excitation modes obtained from the code can be easily adapted to compute different properties of TBECs — ground state energy, overlap integral, quasi particle amplitudes of BdG spectrum, dispersion relation and structure factor and other related experimental observables.



Condensed Matter Physics, Computational Physics