Analyzing the Cultural Communication Value of Red Tourism Attractions Based on Emotional Motivation: A Case Study of Liangnong Revolutionary Base in Siming Mountain, Ningbo, China

Published: 22 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5h5tn98vwk.1
hanhong Han


Red tourism attractions, utilizing historical cultural heritage as material carriers and enriched with revolutionary spirit, revolutionary deeds, and historical culture, possess unique audience groups and positioning among various tourism resources. Against the backdrop of cultural and tourism integration, red tourism has rapidly developed. However, the focus has largely been on the utilization of tourism re- sources, with insufficient understanding and research of the core red tourism culture itself. Taking the Liangnong Revolutionary Base in Siming Mountain, Ningbo as an example, this paper conducts a questionnaire survey to analyze the tourism demand and emotional inclinations of visitors to red tourism attractions. These inclinations mainly include altruistic emotional motivations such as patriotism, pride, identity, respect and reverence, as well as egoistic emotional motivations such as curiosity, depression, nostalgia, concern, family, conformity and promotion. Based on this anal- ysis, the paper delves into the special value of red tourism attractions in cultural communication from four aspects: political cohesion and practice, economic aggre- gation and integration, cultural inheritance and sublimation, and communication symbiosis and amplification, aiming to provide new perspectives and ideas for the development of red tourism.



Psychology, Tourism