Road freight service tender documents monitoring in Europe between 2019 and 2023

Published: 5 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5h5y5fyx38.1
, Dmitrijs Solovjovs,


Nowadays many businesses compete not only with their products, but also (and in some cases even dominantly) with their supply chains. Therefore, a well-developed supply chain management strategy may create a dominant part of value businesses bring to end customers. Nowadays the approach of outsourcing logistics operations to third parties is becoming widely used businesses find it more efficient to concentrate on and allocate own resources to core business activities, should it be production, sales and marketing, or value creation. Taking this into consideration, the need for effective collaboration and partnership strategy is becoming vital for many businesses and third-party logistics service providers. Presented data was collected from road freight service tender documents issued by various production companies in Europe between 2019 and 2023. There were in total 277 tender projects studied issued by 184 companies. The following documents were investigated: general framework agreements, service level agreements, standard operating procedures, and environmental policies. While analyzing above mentioned documents, particular statements were extracted that describe following elements: the goal of a tender, 3PL selection criteria, requirements towards 3PL providers, key performance indicators, and green logistics-solution-related statements. Afterwards, definition of keywords based these statements was done. Overall, there are 16 unique groups of 3PL selection criteria presented, 14 groups of goals of a tender, 25 groups of requirements towards 3PL providers, 16 groups of key performance indicators, and 16 groups of green logistics-solution-related statements. The presented database is organized as follows. There is information about the country of the companies given, followed by the year when the road freight service tender was issued, the company’s industry code and full description of industry. The scope of the dented shows either company tendered full-truckload services (FTL), less than truckload services (LTL), or both. There are specific elements identified: criteria (3PL selection criteria), goal (goal of a tender), green (green logistics-solution-related), kpi (key performance indicators), and requirements (requirements towards 3PL providers). In column “quote from documents” original statement extracted from tenders’ documents is shown. And finally, “element group” shows assigned element group. The database contains in total 4376 records and was prepared between June 2023 and September 2023. Information presented in the data can be further used to perform market analysis of partnership between businesses and 3PL services providers, as well as for development of decision-making models for selection of 3PL service providers.



Rigas Tehniska universitate


Transport, Economics, Logistics, Tendering and Contracting, Business Service, Transportation Supply, Commercial Services


Latvijas Zinātnes Padome

FAR programme, project TRANS4ECO, project No. lzp-2022/1-0306, 01.01.2023.- 31.12.2025.