Brachyrhaphis roseni Personality Data

Published: 16 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5hgx46mz46.1
Teya Mathews, Andrea Roth, Jerry Johnson


Raw data on individual variation in boldness repeatability in Brachyrhaphis roseni. The data shows the time it took to emerge from a novel environment in an individual male or female B. roseni in seconds across three trials. Each individual underwent three trials and the time it took to emerge was recorded in seconds using a camera. Each individual was given an identification number, for males BM# and for females BF#. The seconds it took to emerge from each trial is measuring boldness behavior. A maximum time of 10 minutes was given to each individual during a trial and an individual was given a maximum score of 10 minutes or 600 seconds if failed to emerge within the 10 minutes.


Steps to reproduce

1) Place shoebox tank with male/female B. roseni and place on a cart. Roll cart to soundproof room. 2) Transfer fish to experiment tank using a net, allow fish 2 minutes to acclimate. 3) After acclimation period, lift door via pulley to allow fish to move freely between acclimation chamber and novel environment. Trials will be recorded by a Logitech webcam. 4) Score/ record time it takes for fish to emerge from the chamber to the novel environment using stopwatch on iPhone. Record data in computer (remember to assign numbers to the fish). 5) Observe for a maximum of 10 minutes. After 10 minutes if fish has not left chamber, assign maximum score of 600 seconds. 6) Remove fish from experiment tank using net and place back in its shoebox tank. Allow experiment tank 10 minutes to recycle water after each trial.


Brigham Young University


Animal Behavior, Behavioral Ecology, Fish, Personality