Data for: Neurophysiological study on the effect of short time durations on deep breathing: a randomized controlled trial

Published: 4 January 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5jc9cr8xch.1
Poh Foong Lee,
Kok Suen Cheng,
Ray Han


Here is the raw EEG data for each group: Control (Con), deep breathing for 5 minutes (DB5), deep breathing for 7 minutes (DB7), and deep breathing for 9 minutes (DB9). The time sections are as follow: R1 - baseline; INT - during deep breathing; R2 - after deep breathing; R3 - follow-up session after 7 days. The data are analyzed using EEGLAB and FASTER, extracting the relative mean power for the theta, alpha, and beta bands and plotting their topographies.