Correspondence of specific cause items and distribution of cause characteristics

Published: 23 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5k32zg23b8.1
Qingsong Jia


This dataset is for storing the data used in the paper named 'Study on the Reliability of Accident Analysis Results: Analyzing Samples of 13 Accident Analysis References based on the 24Model'. This article evaluates the reliability of the accident analysis results by comparing the consistency of the output among different analysts. The data sampled from 4 groups, a total of 8 master’s and doctor’s theses These theses all used 24Model as an accident analysis method to analyze the major gas explosion accidents that occurred in China in some years. The data consists of unsafe acts obtained from the accident analysis results. Please refer to the article for the process of data screening, the detailed procedure for comparing accident analysis results, and the specific information of the theses. The dataset document is divided into five parts. The first part is a legend of the expression used for data comparison. The second part to the fifth part respectively presents the comparison results of the four comparison groups. The data used in this dataset has been authorized for use.