Brightness Temperature Variances from On-Planet Views in the A1–A3 Channels by the Mars Climate Sounder

Published: 11 February 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/5k6nybdy92.2
Nicholas Heavens


This dataset contains significant data analysis products related to a manuscript entitled, “A Multiannual Record of Gravity Wave Activity in Mars's Lower Atmosphere from the Mars Climate Sounder,” which was accepted The Planetary Science Journal on 4 February 2022 as: "Mars Climate Sounder observations of gravity wave activity throughout Mars's lower atmosphere" These fall into three broad categories: diagnoses of detrended brightness temperature variance in three channels in individual views in the nadir or off-nadir by Mars Climate Sounder on board Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; averages and other statistics of those diagnoses in space and time; and estimated gravity wave visibility functions for nadir and off-nadir views. This document presumes the manuscript is available to the dataset user. See MCS_OP_A13_GW_Analysis_Dataset_Documentation.pdf for more detailed documentation.



Space Science Institute, Imperial College London


Mars, Atmospheric Circulation