Replication data: the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) implementation progress

Published: 7 April 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/5kfhtck6td.2
Päivi Lujala


The files contain the replication data and replication instructions (as STATA do-file) that replicate the results in the article: Lujala, Päivi 2018. An analysis of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative implementation process. World Development 107(July): 358–381. It is an open access article and you can access it by copy-pasting this link: The dataset includes all independent countries that in 2012 had population of 500,000 or larger and covers the period 2003-2016. The dataset was composed using several register databases and also includes variables that were coded by the author. The details on the sources and coding can be found in the article. The data is structured so that it can be analyzed using the conditional risk-set model developed by Prentice, Williams, and Peterson (1981) (PWT), using the gap approach for calculating the time between the events. NOTE! In no circumstances should other recurrent event data analysis approaches be used to analyze the data as the data is set for this particular type of model. The data was used to test a series of hypotheses on what factors influence how fast countries are implementing the EITI Standard.


Steps to reproduce

See the data file 'Replication do file'


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