Published: 21-08-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5kkmbvsmgv.1
Benjamin Marquis


This dataset contains data on tree growth (total tree height and annual height increment) and the severity of frost damage, observed as frost rings in their tree rings, for planted white spruce, black spruce and Norway spruce trees and from various seed sources. The sampling of trees was performed in two plantations, established in 2002, in two different bioclimate zone of eastern Canada (Québec), the northern temperate forest and the boreal mixedwood forest. We analyzed if distant seed sources or foreign species unacclimated to local site conditions would performed better or worse compared to local species and seed sources which should be acclimated to their local site conditions. We also determined at which height along the stem spring frosts (which often consist in short duration near-ground nighttime events ) cease damaging the cambium, thus, might also stop damaging the apical bud thus stop supressing tree growth of young tree plantation.