Fishery independent data and code used for analysis in: McGreer M & Frid A. (2017). Declining size and age of rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) inherent to Indigenous cultures of Pacific Canada. Ocean and Coastal Management

Published: 18 April 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5n9pvr4hg7.1


Fshery-independent data collected annually since 2003 by the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) and the Pacific Halibut Management Association (PHMA). Used for McGreer and Frid (2017). Ocean and Coastal Management.


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General remarks on the raw data files The data files include columns for variables not used in the current analysis, and data rows for we did not analyze because of low sample sizes or other reasons (e.g. synoptic trawl surveys, IPHC longline surveys for the Quillback data set, rows not included because they were outside the spatial range specified in the paper, etc.). Readers interested in these data are encouraged to contact us or Fisheries and Oceans Canada to discuss collaborations or request additional data. Data file description, by column A: unused in this analysis B: unused in this analysis C: Survey type (including IPHC LONGLINE SURVEY and PHMA LONGLINE SURVEYS as well as other surveys that occurred primarily or entirely outside of our study area, and trawl surveys). D: unused in this analysis E: unused in this analysis F: unused in this analysis G: latitude where the sampling took place H: longitude where the sampling took place I: year the sampling took place J: month the sampling took place K: day the sampling took place L: unused in this analysis M: unused in this analysis N: unused in this analysis O: depth of the gear that caught the fish in question P: Pacific Marine Fishery Commission (PMFC) Major Area in which the sampling took place (we only analyzed samples from 5B and 5C) Q: a code used to identify the species of interest (in the quillback_rockfish file, all rows are marked 424, for quillback, and in the yelloweye-rockfish file, all rows are marked 442 for yelloweye) R: unused in this analysis S: unused in this analysis T: unused in this analysis U: unused in this analysis V: unused in this analysis W: unused in this analysis X: unused in this analysis Y: fork length of the specimen, in mm Z: unused in this analysis AA: age of the specimen, in years AB: Ocean region, determined by intersecting the lat-longs with the BCMCA ocean region map (includes Aristazabal Upwelling Region, Mainland Fjords, Eastern Queen Charlotte Sound, and other regions not used for our analysis). AC: unused in this analysis AD: unused in this analysis R code instructions The final models and associated plots can be found in the file called Yelloweye and Quillback model results and plots.R. The code used to generate the boxplot of IPHC and PHMA sample depths (appendix A) can be found in the file appendix - sample depths for IPHC and PHMA surveys.R.


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