KSM fits for 320 bait-prey pairs of NUPs in KARMA assays

Published: 16 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5ngccfr479.1
Evgeny Onishchenko


Supplementary analyzed data from Manuscript: TITLE: Maturation kinetics of a multiprotein complex revealed by metabolic labeling. JOURNAL: CELL. Article Type: Research Article Authors: Evgeny Onischenko*, Elad Noor*, Jonas S. Fischer*, Ludovic Gillet, Matthias Wojtynek, Pascal Vallotton, Karsten Weis *Equally Contributing Authors Corresponding Authors: Evgeny Onischenko and Karsten Weis Related to Figures S4, Figure S5, and Table S3; KSM fitting curves for 320 bait-prey pairs characterised in the KARMA assays. Individual plots: The red line represents the expected labeling of the reference proteins as a function of time, and is used to find the effective sampling time for each sample (i.e. the x-value of each point). Then, we try to fit the 3-step KSM (purple line). Preys with metabolic labeling exceeding the reference protein were fitted with a 4-step model. 𝜙1: effective maturation pool, 𝜙2: accessible fraction of the mature state.



Mass Spectrometry, Affinity Separation Applications, Maturation, Nuclear Pore, Metabolic Flux Analysis Application, Proteomics Experimental Approach, Bioprocess Kinetics, Stable Isotopes Technique