LLM dermatological patient handouts - supplementary data

Published: 25 October 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/5ngxkzkdp9.3
Crystal Chang


Supplementary material for Assessment of Large Language Models to Generate Patient Handouts for the Dermatology Clinic: a single-blinded randomized study LLM handouts methods describes the overall analysis and outputs for the PEMAT and readability scores. LLM dermatological patient handouts.R is the code used for the statistical analysis. LLM_readability_scores, PEMAT, LLM_attending_rank, rater_df, and LLM_randomization_protocol are the raw data used for analysis. Supplementary Figures 1-3: Readable versions of the data presented in graphical format for easier understanding. Supplementary Tables 1-3: ChatGPT handouts, Bard handouts, and BingAI handouts are the respective handouts and prompts generated for this study. Supplementary Table 4: A table showcasing side-by-side examples of the differences in LLM outputs. CONSORT AI checklist: CONSORT AI checklist for this study.



Artificial Intelligence, Dermatology, Patient Education