Data and code accompanying "Revealing Multisensory Benefit with Diffusion Modeling"

Published: 12 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5nnfycntb8.1
Carolyn A. Murray,


Data, sample modeling code, and final group-level parameters used in the manuscript "Revealing Multisensory Benefit with Diffusion Modeling," by Murray, Lelo de Larrea-Mancera, Glicksohn, Shams & Seitz. Experiment used trial-by-trial reaction time and accuracy data on uni- and multisensory detection and discrimination tasks to assess the sensitivity of a hierarchical drift diffusion model and compare this to accuracy and reaction time measures. We hypothesized there would be an improved sensitivity in detecting multisensory benefit when using the model due to the simultaneous consideration of both accuracy and reaction time measures.



University of California Los Angeles, University of California Riverside


Cross-Modal Perception, Reaction Time