List of meio- and macrozoobenthos groups and species list of macrozoobenthos model groups in the two small rivers of the Cobra river basin (European part of Russia, Komi Republic, National park "Koygorodsky")

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5ntnb5r8ww.1
, Yulia Valuyskih


The studies were carried out on two small rivers - tributaries of the Cobra river (Volga river basin), located on the territory of the national park "Koygorodsky". The structure, quantitative development of zoobenthos and fauna of benthic invertebrates have been studied. Hydrobiological sampling was carried out in June-July 2021. Standard methods were used for sampling. As part of the benthic fauna, 85 species and taxa of a higher rank of invertebrates were found, among which the most diverse were caddisflies (21), mayflies (21), stoneflies (13) and oligochaetes (12 species). Quantitative development of the zoobenthos of the Cobra river basin is comparable to the average for the rivers of the Vyatka basin as a whole and was: in the Suran River – 19 thous. ind./m2 and 74.6 g/m2, in the Mytets River – 14.1 thous. ind./m2 and 19.2 g/m2. The chironomids played a leading role in benthic invertebrate communities. They accounted for an average of 26.3-33.4% of the total zoobenthos abundance. Mayfly larvae and leeches were dominated in the Suran River by biomass, in the Mytets River – molluscs and caddisflies. The maximum quantitative characteristics were noted on the reaches of both rivers; on the riffles, the development of benthos was much poorer. Three rare species from the orders of mayflies, stoneflies and dragonflies have been identified.



Zoology, Aquatic Invertebrates, Russia, River Basin, National Park, Freshwater