Species list and abundance of springtails found in the coniferous forests impacted by palp and paper industry (European part of Russia, Komi Republic)

Published: 22-04-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5ppfgvvpsk.1
Anastasia Taskaeva


The species list and abundance of Collembola collected in pine and spruce forests inpacted by palp and paper industry are presented in Table S1 and S2 accordinally. The study of springtails in pine forests was carried out in June-July 2007-2009, 2018, in spruce forests - in June-July 2003 and 2019, located in the load zones identified earlier according to the level of air pollution and the state of vegetation: background (20-50 km to the north-east of the enterprise), buffer (4-14 km) and impact (0-3 km). The total number of material in pine forests was 100 soil samples (more than 11 thousand specimens were counted), in spruce forests - 110 soil samples (about 17 thousand specimens were extracted). A total 69 species of springtails were found, 56 of which were registered in pine forests, 60 in spruce forests. The abundance was calculated for each species. To assess the significance of differences between the samples, the nonparametric Mann – Whitney test was used.