Lung cancer segmentation dataset with Lung-RADS class

Published: 12 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5rr22hgzwr.1
Diana Nam, Alexandra Panina, Alexandr Pak


The lung cancer segmentation dataset comprises CT images paired with corresponding lung cancer masks, meticulously labeled by radiologists according to the Lung-RADS System. This dataset is a fusion of original Kazakhstani local data from the Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology and Radiology, and the openly available LIDC-IDRI dataset [1], which has been re-labeled. The entire dataset has been divided into training and testing sets, with the training set consisting of 708 CT images and the test set containing 264 CT images. All images share a standardized labeling format: • label1 – class according to Lung-RADS System • mask – binary mask of lung cancer area • hu_array_old – CT image converted standardized in Hounsfield Units • hu_array – CT image with dropped non-lung area via thresholding-based algorithm Important! Fields label1 and mask have been manually labeled by the doctor-radiologist, hu_array has been labeled via automated thresholding-based algorithm and was not additionally checked by the human eye. [1] Armato III, S. G., McLennan, G., Bidaut, L., McNitt-Gray, M. F., Meyer, C. R., Reeves, A. P., Zhao, B., Aberle, D. R., Henschke, C. I., Hoffman, E. A., Kazerooni, E. A., MacMahon, H., Van Beek, E. J. R., Yankelevitz, D., Biancardi, A. M., Bland, P. H., Brown, M. S., Engelmann, R. M., Laderach, G. E., Max, D., Pais, R. C. , Qing, D. P. Y. , Roberts, R. Y., Smith, A. R., Starkey, A., Batra, P., Caligiuri, P., Farooqi, A., Gladish, G. W., Jude, C. M., Munden, R. F., Petkovska, I., Quint, L. E., Schwartz, L. H., Sundaram, B., Dodd, L. E., Fenimore, C., Gur, D., Petrick, N., Freymann, J., Kirby, J., Hughes, B., Casteele, A. V., Gupte, S., Sallam, M., Heath, M. D., Kuhn, M. H., Dharaiya, E., Burns, R., Fryd, D. S., Salganicoff, M., Anand, V., Shreter, U., Vastagh, S., Croft, B. Y., Clarke, L. P. (2015). Data From LIDC-IDRI [Data set]. The Cancer Imaging Archive, doi:



Cancer, Lung Cancer, Image Segmentation