Mice Injected with DIPG Imaging and Quantification

Published: 8 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5s2z8s28pg.1


This data contains three separate libraries, each containing images taken from slides of mice injected with DIPG cells and then dissected and stained for GFP, H3-K27M, NUMA and with DAPI for quantification. The folder also contains the Excel spreadsheet used for quantification. One can visually appreciate the different levels of H3-K27M in the tumor from the images.


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the results it is necessary to inject mice with DIPG cells expressing GFP, and then dissect, stain, image and quantify appropriately. Refer to the methods section in Harpaz, Mittelman, et al., 2022 for information.


Weizmann Institute of Science


Immunohistochemistry, Glioma, Epigenetics