Air Masses and Tree Rings

Published: 27 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5s5xykzwyd.1
Cameron Lee,


This data set contains tree-ring data (TreeRingDataSTDv5), fully-trained ensembles of artifical neural network models (ANNmodelsV5), and monthly mean temperature (Tmean...TerraClim) and precipitation (Precip... TerraClim) data from TerraClimate - all saved in MatLab file format (.mat) - and used in the following research: Frequencies of multivariate air masses drive global tree growth Cameron C. Lee*1,2 Matthew P. Dannenberg3 1 – Kent State University; Department of Geography 2 – Kent State Environmental Science and Design Research Institute 3 – University of Iowa; Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences * – Corresponding Author Kent State University 325 S. Lincoln St. 433 McGilvrey Hall Kent, Ohio 44242 USA Phone: +1 330-672-0360 Email: Raw Air Mass data (contained in the Tree-Ring dataset) can be found here: Raw Tree-Ring data can be found here:‐access/paleoclimatology‐data/datasets/treering Raw TerraClimate data can be found here: and are described in: Abatzoglou, J. T., Dobrowski, S. Z., Parks, S. A., & Hegewisch, K. C. (2018). TerraClimate, a high-resolution global dataset of monthly climate and climatic water balance from 1958-2015. Scientific Data, 5, 170191.



Kent State University, University of Iowa


Paleoclimate Proxy, Dendroclimatology, Tree Ring, Climate Data