Box C/D snoRNP autoregulation by a cis-acting snoRNA in the NOP56 pre-mRNA

Published: 15 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5sb8j2mypg.1
, Torben Heick Jensen


In the manuscript 'Box C/D snoRNP autoregulation by a cis-acting snoRNA in the NOP56 pre-mRNA' by Lykke-Andersen et al. we report that the human intron-hosted box C/D snoRNA snoRD86 acts in cis as a sensor and master switch controlling levels of the limiting snoRNP core protein NOP56, which together with other proteins functions to produce mature Box C/D snoRNPs, which is important for proper ribosome biogenesis. Our results support a model where snoRD86 adopts different RNP conformations that dictate the usage of nearby alternative splice donors in the NOP56 pre-mRNA. Excess snoRNP core proteins prevent further production of NOP56, and instead trigger generation of a cytoplasmic snoRD86-containing NOP56-derived lncRNA via the nonsense-mediated decay pathway. Our findings reveal a feedback mechanism based on RNA structure that controls the precise coordination between box C/D snoRNP core proteins and global snoRNA levels. All raw data of Northern blots, Western blots, IF images, Flow cytometry, FACS and PCR gels presented within the paper are collected within this data set. To understand data please use the descriptions presented within the figure legends in the paper. A description of the order of samles is presented for each data file together with a figure ID related to the paper.



RNA, Flow Cytometry, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Western Blot, Fluorescence Imaging, RNA Splicing, Gel, Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting