2022 Agua Salud LMER Code RStudio

Published: 20 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5sktkmg8x9.1
Claire Beckstoffer


This is an RStudio script for a linear mixed effects model analysis using lmer. This linear mixed effects model was constructed to analyze the relative impacts of soil temperature, soil moisture, forest floor mass and soil organic C on soil CO2 fluxes (see dataset entitled 2022 Agua Salud CO2 Fluxes - Raw Data). First, a full mixed effects model was constructed using soil temperature (T), soil moisture (Moist), forest floor mass (Litter), and soil organic C (SOC) and their two-level interactions as fixed effects with Site as a random effect. First, a manual backward stepwise regression was performed based on the Akaike information criterion (AIC), sequentially eliminating highest-level non-significant terms (p-value >0.1) until arriving at the most parsimonious model with only significant main effects and interaction terms. Next, the coefficients or parameter estimates for each term were determined using summary(model) for the final model. P-values for each main effect or interaction term were determined using the Likelihood Ratio Test.



Forest Management, Tropical Soil, Soil Respiration, Tropical Forest Ecosystem


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

NSF Luquillo LTER DEB-1831952