Islamic Stock Price and Exchange Rate: A Wavelet Analysis for ASEAN-5 and OECD Economies.

Published: 21 March 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/5sx2tzx22s.2
Vui Kiong Wong


The Bloomberg website was used to collect nominal exchange rates (against USD for all countries except USD against EUR) and MSCI (Morgan Stanley Composite Index) Islamic stock prices for ASEAN-5 and OECD countries. The wavelet analysis outputs are generated using MATLAB software. Note: The first and second parentheses refer to the label of country's Islamic stock price and exchange rate, respectively. All Eurozone countries will use the common currency of the Euro (EUR). ASEAN-5 countries: Malaysia (IM)(MYR), Singapore (IS)(SGD), Indonesia (II)(IDR), Philippines (IP)(PHP), Thailand (IT)(THB). OECD countries: Australia (IA)(AUD), Canada (ICAD)(CAD), Chile (IC)(CLP), Czech Republic (ICR)(CZK), Denmark (ID)(DKK), Hungary (IH)(HUF), Japan (IJ)(JPY), Korea (IK)(KRW), Mexico (IMXN)(MXN), New Zealand (INZ)(ZND), Norway (IN)(NOK), Poland (IPLN)(PLN), Sweden (ISW)(SEK), Switzerland (ISL)(CHF), Turkey (ITRY)(TRY), United States (IUS)(USD), United Kingdom (IUK)(GBP), Austria (IAU)(EUR), Belgium (IBG) (EUR), Finland (IFL) (EUR), France (IF) (EUR), Germany (IG) (EUR), Ireland (IIL) (EUR), Italy (IIY) (EUR), Netherlands (INL) (EUR), Spain (ISP) (EUR).



Universiti Malaysia Sabah


Exchange Rate, Stock Price