1HNMR cerebrospinal fluid spectra image series

Published: 05-10-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5t5f9dwg7d.1


Metabolic spectra of the dogs included in the study. The main chemical shift for each metabolite from left to right are: - Lactate: 4 and 1.3 ppm - Glucose: 3.8 and 3.4 ppm - Glutamate- Glutamine: 3.8 ppm - Myoinositol: 3.6 ppm - Taurine: 3.4 ppm - Choline: 3.2 ppm - Creatine: 3 ppm - N-acetyl aspartate: 1.8ppm Sample contamination with ethanol generates peaks in the spectrogram at 1.2 and 3.6 ppm, whith overlap with numerous metabolites including lactate, creatine, glutamate and glutamine. In Idiopathic epilepsy group, patients 1-5, 7 and 10 show this sample contamination. In Meningoencephalitis of unknown origin group, patients 5, 7-9, 10, 12-18, 21, 23 and 25-28 show this sample contamination. Sample contamination with sodium pentobarbital generates peaks in different shift but the 1.2 ppm peak is the most intense and interferes with lactate peak. Sodium pentobarbital contamination has been observed only in meningoencephalitis of unknown origin group in patients 7,8,16,17,25,26.