Data for: Impact of Sea-level and facies changes on reservoir characteristics of the Middle Jurassic Rocks at Ras El Abd, Gulf of Suez, Egypt

Published: 6 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5tbc2g9tvg.1
Abeer Abuhagaza,


The petrographical analysis, depending on the microscopic investigation of eighteen representative samples covered the studied Ras El Abd section. This analysis was used to clarify the reservoir mineralogy and diagenetic processes affected on their quality. All thin sections were impregnated with blue dye is to facilitate the description of porosity types. For the petrophysical analyses, the samples were cut into plugs of around 2.5 cm diameter and a length reaches to 3.5 cm. Acoustic velocities (P and S - waves) were measured at surrounding conditions on cylinder-shaped samples at 500 kHz (ultrasonic frequencies) by using of Inspection Technologies (USLT 2000) instrument. The velocity measurements were applied on the dry and wholly water flooded samples.



Acoustics, Petrophysics, Petrography