Data for: Cold fusion patented methods

Published: 16 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5tm32zdr3c.1


This dataset contains information regarding the cold fusion patented methods (both application and granted patents). The following databases have been used for data mining: - Espacenet (a free of charge database provided by the European Patent Office), accessed on Nov. 15, 2021 - Orbit Intelligence (FamPat) (a fee-based database provided by Questel), accessed on Nov. 15, 2021 In all databases, searches were not limited to the type of patent publication nor to the time of filing. Searches in Espacenet were performed in the full text, obtaining 447 results, while in Orbit were carried out in the title/abstract/claims field. From Orbit 1,135 patent families were retrieved (only 297 are still alive, of which 160 are granted and 137 are pending). The Espacenet files contain information related to Title, Inventors, Applicants, Publication number, Earliest priority, IPC, CPC, Publication date, Earliest publication, and Family number. The Orbit files contain information related to Priority numbers, Application numbers, Publication numbers, Priority dates, Application dates, Publication dates, Title, Abstract, Current assignees, Claims, CPC - Cooperative classification, IPC - International classification, Technology domain. The patent searches were carried out by keywords and classification codes. Both IPC (International Patent Classification) and CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification) codes were used. Value of the dataset: prior art searches Definition of the classification codes used G21B3/00: Low-temperature nuclear fusion reactors, e.g., alleged cold fusion reactors G21B1/00: Thermonuclear fusion reactors G21D7/04: Arrangements for direct production of electric energy from fusion or fission reactions (obtaining electric energy from radioactive sources G21H1/00) • using thermoelectric elements or thermoionic converters (structural combination of fuel element with thermoelectric element or with thermoionic converters G21C3/40, G21H1/10; thermoelectric elements per se H01L35/00, H01L37/00) G21D3/002: Control of nuclear power plant (control of nuclear reaction in general G21C7/00) • Computer-implemented control •• Core design; core simulations; core optimization Y02E30/10: Energy generation of nuclear origin • Nuclear fusion reactors


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The search strategy is reported below: Espacenet Query: ftxt=("cold" prox/distance<3 "fusion") AND (cl any "G21B1/00" OR cl any "G21B3/00" OR cl any "G21D7/04" OR cpc any "G21D3/002" OR cpc any "Y02E30/10") cl=classification codes (IPC or CPC) ftxt=full text ctxt=title/abstract/claims ORBIT Query 1: (G21B-003/00)/IPC/CPC Query 2: (COLD 3W FUSION)/TI/AB/CLMS/ICLM AND ( (G21B-003/00 OR G21B-01/00 OR G21D-007/04)/IPC/CPC OR (G21D-003/002 OR Y02E-030/10)/CPC ) Query 3: 1 OR 2 Query 4: 3 AND STATE/ACT=ALIVE TI=title AB=abstract CLMS=claims ICLM=independent claims


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