Published: 29-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5tpfmsp9tg.1
harvinder singh


ABSTRACT Blunt thoracic trauma is routinely a cause of trauma related deaths and when associated with rib fractures, makes the mechanism and pattern of rib fractures an important area of consideration, both because of associated mortality as well as, clues that it can provide to help an expert to opine regarding the manner of injury. This study aimed to determine rib fracture patterns and associated injuries in cases of blunt trauma to chest and abdomen. We studied a hundred cases of blunt trauma to chest and abdomen that presented in the trauma emergency and met our predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria. Key words: blunt trauma chest, road traffic accidents, assault, fall, blunt trauma abdomen, rib fractures, trauma.


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METHODS Study subjects included a hundred consecutive cases of blunt trauma to chest and abdomen that presented in the surgery emergency with known and complete history of blunt trauma chest/abdomen involving fracture of ribs in which a minimum of X-ray and USG had been done. All unknown cases without any proper history of illness/medication were excluded. Complete history, detailing the manner and circumstance of injury was noted. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS Statistical analysis was performed on the data of all the recorded cases of rib fractures. The chi square test was employed for the statistical analysis of the variables. All statistical results were significant when p <0.05. The relationship between the total number of rib fractures and various associated injuries were statistically analysed using chi square tests. Fisher exact test was applied wherever the groups had less than 5 cases. Wherever necessary the Pearson correlation and McNemar-Bowker Test were applied. ANOVA testing was done to determine if there was any significant difference in the means of hospital stay for each manner of injury and on finding significant difference, the data subjected to Post HOC Turkey HSD to determine groups among all exhibited this significant difference. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS statistical package.