Data for Bringing order to life_Nusser, Wolf & Zimprich

Published: 6 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5tt8cwppgx.1
Lisa Nusser


This data was analysed in the article "Bringing order to life: Temporal order effects during the recall of important autobiographical memories in young and old adults" by Nusser, Wolf and Zimprich. It was investigated whether whether younger and older adults differ in the extent to which they order their important autobiographical memories (AMs) in a chronological way during recall. Moreover, the number of AMs to be recalled was systematically varied. The data contains the following variables: - id: Participant ID - sex: Sex of participant, 0 = male, 1 = female (grand-mean centered) - group: Experimental condition, 0 = 7 autobiographical memories, 1 = 13 autobiographical memories - position: Output position of memory recalled, ranging from 0 (first output position) to 12 (13th output position) - young: Indicator variable, 1 if young agegroup, 0 if older agegroup - old: Indicator variable, 0 if young agegroup, 1 if older agegroup - error: Additional indicator variable, “y” for the younger agegroup, “o” for the older agegroup - agemem: Age at the event, outcome variable The The SAS® syntax used in the article is provided in its Appendix.



Universitat Ulm


Developmental Psychology