Datasets and R code for Bottini et al. (2022) Effects of methylmercury and food stress on migratory restlessness in song sparrows, Melospiza melodia

Published: 6 June 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/5vb27x4fxk.2


This folder contains all the datasets and R code needed to reproduce the analysis of manuscript from Bottini et al. 2022 “Effects of methylmercury and food stress on migratory activity in song sparrows, Melospiza melodia”, published in Hormones and Behavior journal. Link to the article is provided below. Article's Highlights: • Exposure to contaminants and/or stressors can hinder songbirds' migration. • Carry-over effects of MeHg exposure and food stress on song sparrows were assessed. • Nocturnal activity increased in MeHg-exposed birds and varied with food stress. • Treatments and time affected corticosterone and body mass, but not thyroxine. • Fecal corticosterone was positively correlated with nocturnal activity.


Steps to reproduce

Just follow the R code.


Western University Department of Biology


Chronic Stress, Wild Bird, Methylated Mercury, Migration