Simulated Cloud Service QoS Dataset

Published: 18 February 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5vffs75j85.1
Azubuike Ezenwoke,


The dataset used for this simulation experiments were based on SMI attributes. The data values were synthesised based on examples from previous evaluation studies and related papers on cloud service selection that revealed acceptable data formats for quantitative attributes such as response time, cost, and availability. We generated random qualifier values for the other qualitative attributes, which are usability, security, and flexibility. Consequently, we used a total of six QoS attributes. For simplicity, we limited the qualifier values for usability, security, and flexibility to high, medium and low. We simulated multiple instances of the adopted format for the six attributes in order to obtain a dataset comprising a total of 63 services.



Landmark University


Computer Science, Cloud Computing, Quality of Service