SULCIS watershed - SWAT-CUP calibration and uncertainty analysis

Published: 29 October 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5w6ykp9xmw.1
Giuseppe Pulighe


This dataset contain the SWAT-CUP (SUFI-2) project files for calibration and validation of river discharge and water quality for SWAT model at the Sulcis watershed (Sardinia, Italy): 1. River discharge data (cubic metre/second) for calibration and validation at "Flumentepido" gauge station (Rio Flumentepido - 39°11'32.5'' N; 8°28'39.5'' E); 2. Water quality data (milligram/litre - sediments, total nitrogen, nitrate-nitrogen, mineral phosphorus, dissolved oxygen) for calibration and validation at "Paringianu" gauge station (Rio Flumentepido - 39°10'39'' N; 8°25'29'' E) and "Is Achenzas" gauge station (Rio Palmas - 39°04'39'' N; 8°33'08'' E).


Steps to reproduce

SWAT-CUP is a calibration, validation and sensitivity analysis tool for SWAT and is freely available here: Extract RAR data on your directory. Install the SWAT-CUP, than start the program and choose "Open" and browse to the folder that contains the project file.


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Hydrology, Soil Erosion, Nitrogen, Mediterranean Region, Water Quality, Nutrient Budget, Modelling, Nitrate Transport, Soil Water Balance