Benchmarking of different strategies to include anisotropy in a curvature-driven multi-phase-field model

Published: 20 July 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/5wrv3ky9pp.2


This dataset contains MATLAB code which can be used to reproduce results by Minar and Moelans submitted to Physical Review Materials in January 2022. Preprint is at The code has three main purposes: 1) to create user-specified input and run a phase field simulation with some standard output 2) to determine phase field model parameters from minimal physical input. 3) to provide a set of functions carrying out quantitative matching of closed curves to Wulff shapes (corresponding to anisotropy function <1+\delta*cos(n*\theta)>) Multi-phase field model of grain growth with anisotropic grain boundary properties was implemented, including inclination dependence of both interface energy and mobility. The input and solver are designed to handle arbitrary number of phases and of grains (it was not memory-optimized for many grains though). Compared to the first version, the contours matching functions were added.


Steps to reproduce

Follow instructions in 'launch.m' and in help comments of individual *.m files.


Associatie KU Leuven


Computer Model Development, Phase Field Model, Modeling of Grain Growth, Grain Boundary, Model Validation