Data for: Assessment of leachable elements in volcanic ashfall: a review and validation of a standardized protocol for ash hazard characterization

Published: 22 February 2020| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/5x64w32vj8.5
Carol Stewart, Geoffrey Plumlee, Claire Horwell, Ines Tomasek, Suzette Morman, Shane Cronin, Aurora Armienta, Pierre Delmelle, Moya Appleby, David Damby, Chris Ottley, Maria Gabriela Ruiz Hinojosa


This data set contains raw data from six laboratories who participated in an interlaboratory comparison exercise using methods described in a new, standardized protocol for assessing hazards of leachable elements in fresh volcanic ashfall. Leachants used were deionized water and a simple gastric leach (0.032 M HCl at pH 1.5). Ratios of 1:20 (g ash:mL leachant) and 1:100 were used for the deionized water leach and 1:100 for the simple gastric leach.



Analytical Chemistry, Volcanic Eruption