Based on metabolomics: Treatment strategy for gut microbiota dysbiosis-induced osteoarthritis

Published: 3 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5xddhyjr7c.1
Pengkun Han


This study primarily investigates several key issues. First, we validated that dysbiosis of gut microbiota can induce OA in mice. Fresh fecal samples from mice were collected for 16S rRNA sequencing, and knee cartilage samples were collected to assess OA indicators. Subsequently, we explored the potential causes of OA through metabolomic analysis. Notably, we identified the potential role of taurine in the differential metabolic pathways analysis. We then examined the feasibility of taurine as a treatment for OA through both in vivo and in vitro experiments. Finally, we explored the mechanism of taurine's action.