Supplementary materials to "Security Aspects of Social Robots in Public Spaces: A Systematic Mapping Study"

Published: 21 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5xx2wccn7p.1


This archive is the online supplementary material for the journal article 'Security Aspects of Social Robots in Public Spaces.' Within this repository, you will find a comprehensive set of resources designed to support the replication of our study, further the examination of our results, and enable an in-depth exploration of our findings. Contents of the Archive: 1. Replication Package: A collection of files and instructions necessary to reproduce the results of our study, allowing other researchers to verify our findings independently. 2. Dataset: The raw data collected and analysed during our study is presented in an accessible and well-organized format. 3. Data Extraction Checklist: A detailed guide outlining the steps and criteria used to gather data for our Systematic Mapping Study (SMS), designed to ensure transparency and reliability in our research process. 4. Primary Studies List: A complete and comprehensive list of all the primary studies consulted and analysed during this SMS. Additional Material: The included spreadsheet, titled 'Security Aspects Repository.xlsx,' is subdivided into four distinct sheets: 1. 'Search_Result:' Lists the results of the systematic search conducted as part of our study, along with pertinent details of each source. 2. 'Primary Studies:' Catalogs the primary studies that were integral to our analysis, complete with reference information. 3. 'Data Extraction Quotes_Summary:' Compiles key quotations and summaries extracted from the primary studies, forming the basis of our data analysis. 4. 'Component Analysis:' A detailed breakdown and analysis of the components discussed in our paper, organised for ease of reference. Also, within this repository, you will find the Data Extraction Checklist specific to our SMS, which clearly outlines the criteria and methodology applied in the course of our research. We invite scholars, practitioners, and interested readers to explore this archive and engage deeply with our work, and we welcome further discourse on this pivotal topic.


Steps to reproduce

The complete steps to reproduce the above results in contained in the methodology section of the journal article "Security Aspects of Social Robots in Public Spaces: A Systematic Mapping Study"


Institutt for energiteknikk, Hogskolen i Ostfold


Cybersecurity, Legal and Ethical Issue, Humanoid Robot, Privacy, Human-Robot Interaction


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