5G: Energy Efficacious Methodology Dataset

Published: 8 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5z37x49p74.1


In this paper, we present data for designing low energy utilizing communication techniques and establishing a well- designed network, under the idea of green communication with respect to different parameters of 5G communication. With a vision to create a way to preserve the demand and supply equation under the green communication concept and a balance in ecological equilibrium. The development of technology is paced with growth in user demands for data, speed, and voice, along with a 1000x increase in data traffic and 1ms round-trip latency. The stringent requirements have increased the number of Base Stations (BSs) and connection devices daily, leading to the growth optimization of energy consumption. Communication systems are being updated to 5G networks in order to meet the user demands, but to enable sustainable 5G networks, the state-of-the-art technologies with the help of high-speed data rate and a high quality of signals are also taking charge to improve the system energy efficiency; a key pillar in the design of communication networks.


Steps to reproduce

The data consists of power consumption of 5G BSs, various demographic areas and LTE cellular mobile DRX cycles. The researcher can use this data in the finding of energy consumption in 5G networks. It can also help to carry out study for the energy-efficient 5G system model.  The dataset can be utilized for minimization of 5G BS power consumption, long life cell phone battery life and EE system model.


Dr A P J Abdul Kalam Technical University


Communication, 5G