dataset for "Magmatic sulfide oxidation drives crustal PGE mobilization: implications for hydrothermal PGE mineralization"

Published: 19 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/5zzhpbsjw2.1
Zhenggang Li


Two supplementary files are attached to this article. The first file is supplementary tables including LA-ICPMS analytical results of standard samples (Table S1), pristine sulfides and oxidized remnants (Table S2), calculating results of mass changes (Table S3), and H2O contents of the felsic melt calculated by plagioclase-liquid hygrometer (Table S4). The second file is supplementary figures including tectonic context of the Okinawa Trough (OT) and the sample location (Fig. S1), transmitted-light images of the porphyritic texture of dacitic rock and plagioclase phenocrysts within mafic cumulate (Fig. S2, Fig. S10), polyatomic interference of transitional metal argides on PGE contents of sulfide phases (Fig. S3), reflected-light image of representative sulfide phase of Group C (Fig. S4), high resolution image of Group B sulfide with oxidative texture and Au nanoparticles (Fig. S5, Fig. S6), time-resolved analysis spectra from LA-ICP-MS analyses (Fig. S7), compositional comparisons between the pristine sulfides and oxidized remnants (Fig. S8), microscopic characteristics of Fe-oxides of altered Group B sulfides (Fig. S9), and variations of Au/Pd ratios with Te content in the pristine sulfides (Fig. S11).