data for SiO2 aerogel–incorporated geopolymer insulation materials

Published: 8 September 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/62kyt6cfp7.2
Yong Cui, Dongmin Wang, Jihui Zhao, Duan-le Li, Ze Liu, Serina Ng


The contact angle between AG and NaOH was measured by contact angle tester (DSA20, Germany). The viscosity of GAMs slurry was measured using the DV3T rheometer from USA. Compressive strength of GAMs was measured at 7d and 28d by universal strength testing apparatus according to Chinese standard BG/T 17671-1999 (CS200, China). Density of GAMs at 28d was also recorded. The thermal conductivity of GAM samples at 28d was determined by the steady state thermal transmission properties using a heat flow meter apparatus (DD300F-D15 from Foreda, China).The interfacial zone between AG and matrix and the microstructure of the samples was identified using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) (ZEISS-EVO18, Germany). Elemental compositions of CFA and AG were tested by XRF spectroscopy (PANalytical, Netherlands). The XRD patterns of CFA and AG were recorded using X-ray diffractometer (ARL, Switzerland).



Thermal Insulation