Data for: Newcastle Disease Prevalence in Rural Poultry in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Published: 1 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/632m85338n.1
Joseph Belgrad, Md. Sadeque Abdullah, Md. Harun Rashid, Md Ahasanul Hoque, Md. Abu Sayeed, sawkat Anwer, Md. Ashiqur Rahman


These data include following information regarding households sampled in Chittagong, Bangladesh: chicken and duck population size; household type (mixed versus single farming) and location; bird ages, sex, breed, and vaccination status against NDV. Data were also collected on Farmers’ socio-economic status such as education level and primary sources of income. Data on household management practices included source of chicken feed, proximity to commercial poultry farms, poultry housing type, cleaning practices, litter and dead chicken disposal, and primary challenges to poultry farming. Sero-positivity for NDV and results of HI are also included for chickens testing sero-positive for NDV.



Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Epidemiology