Nanophotonic resonance modes with the NANOBEM toolbox

Published: 21 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/63cwtv93ry.1


NANOBEM is a MATLAB toolbox for the solution of Maxwell's equations for nanophotonic systems and the computation of resonance modes, sometimes also referred to as quasinormal modes or resonance states. It is based on a Galerkin scheme for the boundary element method, using Raviart-Thomas shape elements for the representation of the tangential electromagnetic fields at the particle boundary. The toolbox is written in an object-oriented manner with the focus on clarity rather than speed, and has been developed and tested for small to intermediate problems with a few thousand boundary elements. The computation of the resonance modes uses the contour integral method of Beyn.



Computational Physics, Boundary Element Method, Nanophotonics