CAE model of Total Knee Replacement with knee joint at standing position

Published: 16 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/63gdkbhdtx.1


Total Knee Replacement (TKR) is a permanent solution for arthritis in the knee joint; the infected knee is replaced with biocompatible components of TKR. After this surgery the patient can resume everyday activities with normal functioning of the knee. Total Knee Replacement has three components- femoral component, bearing, and tibial component. These components are fixed to Femur and Tibia with a strong cement (Kanyal, 2020). Finite element analysis or CAE analysis can be used to simulate the dynamics of TKR with knee joint. The CAE model of a posterior-stabilized, fixed bearing total knee prosthesis, PFC Sigma (De Puy, Johnson & Johnson, Leeds, UK) assembled along with Femur and Tibia bones is presented here. Kanyal(2021) developed a CAD model for TKR components with knee joint which could be used to further develop a finite element model of the TRK components with knee joint, however, an already meshed CAE model is presented here representing the same CAD as Kanyal(2021) developed which will help to save time and effort; brick or hex meshing (meshing a solid with brick elements or hex elements) takes considerable time and effort. The bearing component is the most critical component in a TKR as it is prone to wear and therefore failure. Godest et al (2002), and Zelle et al (2009) also used hex elements to mesh bearing component in CAE analysis. Meshing of Femur bone, Tibia bone, and Femoral component is done with three noded tria elements, however the Tibial component is meshed with hex elements. The meshing of TKR components, Femur and Tibia bones is executed in Hypermesh 13 (Altair Engineering, Inc., Troy, MI, USA). The CAE meshed model( can be opened in Hypermesh 13 (Altair Engineering, Inc., Troy, MI, USA) for further model development like defining material properties, section properties, contact definitions etc. , then it can be exported to a CAE solver as .inp file for analysis and post processing. All dimensions are in mm.



Indian Institute of Science


Computer-Aided Engineering, Computer Modeling in Engineering, Finite Element Methods, Finite Element Modeling, Bone Mechanics, Arthroplasty of Knee, Knee Arthroscopy, Knee Replacement Surgery, Knee Mechanics