Data for: A Spin Glass State in Ba3TiRu2O9

Published: 6 January 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/63t8dt3mc9.1
Loi Nguyen, Robert Cava


The magnetic properties of Ba3TiRu2O9 , whose crystal structure is based on stacked triangular planar lattices of MO6 dimers and single MO6 octahedra, are reported. The system is magnetically disturbed by a substantial amount of Ti/Ru chemical disorder. The Weiss temperature and effective magnetic moment were found to be -29.5 K and 1.82 μB/f.u. respectively, and a bifurcation in the zero field cooled and field cooled magnetic susceptibility is observed below 4.7 K, suggesting that this is a compositionally-disordered spin-glass system. The material is a semiconductor with an activation energy for charge transport of approximately 0.14 eV.



Magnetism, Spin Glasses