Frequrncy response characterization

Published: 30-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/63wfrjmmn6.1
Murugappan Ramanathan


The fabricated device is characterized for its dynamic properties. The characterization setup is as follows. This piezoelectric buzzer is, in turn, attached to a rigid block using double-sided tape. Now, the piezo buzzer is actuated, and the response of the device is captured by the stroboscope software of Polytec vibrometer. Since a base excitation is given to the device, the relative displacement (displacement of the proof mass minus the displacement of the piezoelectric actuator) is represented in the Bode plot. The theoretical natural frequency is 289 Hz. And the experimentally observed resonant frequency is 268 Hz, as it can be seen that there is a phase change of 180 degree at 268 Hz. The Q factor determined by the 3 dB bandwidth method is 335, so the slide film damping coefficient, c, is estimated to be 6.05e-10 Ns/m.