Magnetization precession signals in GaFe layer induced by femtosecond laser pulses.

Published: 26 June 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/63y8g8v29f.1
Michal Kobecki


Data presented in article titled 'Resonant thermal energy transfer to magnons in a ferromagnetic nanolayer' in Nature Communications Authors: Michal Kobecki, Alexey V. Scherbakov, Tetiana L. Linnik, Serhii M. Kukhtaruk, Vitalyi E. Gusev, Debi P. Pattnaik, Ilya A. Akimov, Andrew W. Rushforth, Andrey V. Akimov, and Manfred Bayer There are three folders containing data of the Kerr rotation signals for three excitation powers 95mW, 55mW and 30mW. In each folder there are files with the raw signals which names correspond to the external magnetic field values in mT. In each folder there is a background file containing the background signal of the system which has to be subtracted from the raw signals in order to obtain correct waveform of the Kerr rotation signal. In each folder there is 'RMS values' file, which contains the processed data with Root Mean Square value for each signal.



Magnetism, Kerr Effect