Data Relating Voters’ Rationality in the 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election

Published: 14 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/648n8p9pdj.1
Muhammad Fitri Rahmadana


This data relates to voter demographics, presidential choice, party choice, preference for presidential election and voter rationality towards his choice to face various political interventions held in April 2019. Data is taken in three areas, namely: Siantar City, Langkat Regency and Medan City which represent three different regional characteristics, namely: Highland, Coastal and Urban.


Steps to reproduce

Data was taken using a questionnaire containing questions in the form of respondents 'demographics, respondents' preferences and questions about how respondents responded to various interventions to change or choose a particular presidential candidate pair. Samples were taken using a multistage random sampling method (District Level, Sub-distric Level and household level). The sample is someone who has the right to vote or is over 17 years of age. The data collected is inputted and analyzed using SPSS for Mac software version 20.0.


Universitas Negeri Medan


Social Sciences, Environmental Politics, Identity Politics