Data for: Estimates of protein in coastal marsh soils: A case study of the utility of the Bradford assay for quantifying soil protein

Published: 29 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/64mcxc7n42.1
S. Alex McClellan,


The data provided in the accompanying Excel files were obtained in the study described in the following cited article: McClellan, S.A., E.A. Laws, T. Elsey-Quirk (in press). “Estimates of protein in coastal marsh soils: A case study of the utility of the Bradford assay for quantifying soil protein”. Geoderma. Please see the above article for descriptions of the materials, methods, and study sites pertinent to these data. This study was funded by Louisiana Sea Grant. File descriptions: Name: protein_concentrations_GEODER_115676.xlsx SHA256 @ upload: 58332DFAB7A75832C4C468C1AD98708EEE583F6B9743A7B9BAB8927CDD248196 Contains the estimates of protein concentration for all soil core sections on both an extract-volume basis and a dry-soil basis. Also includes the C:N ratio and 465-nm absorbance of each extract. The values in the "Coded ID" column represent each soil core section extract and is in the form of Ayy-p-xx, where A is S for Sabine, A is W for WLD, yy is the marsh age in years, p is the plot (core) number, and xx is the upper soil depth of the 5-cm section; sections from reference marshes are nominally assigned as yy=50; Sabine reference marshes A and B are denoted as plot numbers 1–3 and 4–6, respectively. Note that additional data for these same soil samples (such as soil bulk density and soil organic C and N) can be found in a related dataset: Name: amino_acid_compositions_GEODER_115676.xlsx SHA256 @ upload: CF7FDFDFB27B99EECDBC9A583C4106D61FCD9E7F71FA9C4B334C09FDB846A124 Contains the amino acid composition of each of the twenty pooled extracts on a mole-percent basis. Values are averages of duplicate analyses. Name: non-dialyzed_N_GEODER_115676.xlsx SHA256 @ upload: 950FD2E01365A645782ED019961779AC2C5AB3CC8C206910884F5B256A0343AE Contains the estimates of nitrogen concentration in the non-dialyzed (re-precipitated) aliquots of the same extracts that are listed in the "protein_concentrations_GEODER_115676.xlsx" file. Also listed are the equivalent protein concentrations that would be expected based on the nitrogen concentrations and the corresponding amino acid compositions.



Louisiana State University


Biogeochemistry, Soil Health, Landscape Metrics, Soil Organic Nitrogen Dynamics, Freshwater Marshes, Salt Marsh, Analytical Biochemistry