Data for: A nonlinear Wiener process degradation model withautoregressive errors

Published: 6 February 2018| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/64mf62hnhx.3
Zhihua Wang, Junxing Li, Huimin Fu, yongbo zhang, Chengrui Liu


The light intensity of LED, which is considered as the important performance characteristic, is usually used to assess the LEDs’ reliability. To analysis the reliability of LED, an experiment has been conducted to collect the degradation data. The light intensity of 15 randomly chosen LEDs is measured every 50 hours until 250 hours passes. Please refer to (Zhao WB, Elsayed E.A. An accelerated life testing model involving performance degradation 2004; Reliability & Maintainability, Symposium-rams: 324-329).



Data Array