Data for: Safety culture among Chinese univeristiy students and an exploration on its group discrepancies

Published: 24 September 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/64rpxnfjnz.1
Yunhua Gong


Data from 362 valid questionnaires were included in this document.Undergraduate safety culture was demonstrated by mean scores of questionnaire items. A five-point Likert scale (1-Disagree, 2-Rarely agree, 3-Somewhat agree, 4-Moderately agree, 5-Totally agree) was used to quantify the measurement of each item.There were 29 items in the safety culture questionnaire. Among these 29 items, 16 items were related to undergraduates’ safety attitude and safety awareness(SA); other 13 items were related to undergraduates’ safety behavior(SB).



Safety Culture