Reference dataset Tao of Self-Care: Addressing the Neurobiology of Burnout in Helping Professionals

Published: 8 April 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/64wg3vtzzs.1
Kalina Noelle


List of references comprising the data set for this systematic review of neurobiological bases of burnout, and associated research on holistic methods to address inflammatory stress-responses to increase well-being and life-work satisfaction in helping professionals. This data was gathered by triangulating sources from multiple disciplines, including neurobiology, occupational theory, and holistic healing approaches, using thematic analysis to discover misunderstood sources of burnout in workers, with a focus on evidence on the increased risk of burnout in helping professionals. The data was collected using an inductive process, which led to findings that linked inflammation to chronic burnout, with causes ranging from biopsychosocial and environmental sources that overlap and present in individualized ways. The data should be approached with an integrative, flexible outlook to address an under-researched topic in the areas of diagnosis and treatment.



Chronic Stress, Autoimmune Disorder, Microbiota, Neuro-Inflammation, Self-Efficacy, Mindfulness-Based Approaches, Burnout, Inflammation Response, Neuroanesthesia