COVID-19 reproduction number data calculated from the datasets of COVID-19 infection in a few countries

Published: 9 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/64ywngvfz2.1
, Alokkumar De


Raw data have been collected for the USA, Denmark, China, Italy , Germany, France, Singapore (from 22 January, 2020 to 26 April, 2020) and India (upto 2 May, 2020) and produced in log-log scale for power law fitting. The fitted data for different power law exponents are also submitted here. The new number of observed cases per day in these countries has been extracted from the raw data for application of Farr's law. The fitted Gaussian curve is also submitted here. The temporal dynamics of the reproduction number R0 is calculated from these data using Farr's law and IDEA model and compared for three different countries-the USA, Italy and India. The details can be seen in The detailed paper will be submitted in peer reviewed journal Epidemics . The raw data have been collected from, and


Steps to reproduce

The raw data collected have been converted log scale (base 10) and fitted by power law. The daily data of new cases of infection, estimated from raw data, are fitted with Gaussian curve. R0 is calculated from the Gaussian parameters using IDEA model.


Mathematical Modeling, Epidemiological Research