Published: 2 December 2020| Version 8 | DOI: 10.17632/64zw5sgg2h.8
Leonardo Suárez-Romero


The Ministry of Health is the dependency of the Mexico's Executive Power that is primarily in charge of the prevention of diseases and the promotion of the health of the population. It collects information from the Epidemiological Surveillance System for Viral Respiratory Diseases, which reports the 475 viral respiratory disease monitoring units, denominated USMER (by its initials in Spanish) which includes health entities throughout the country. The information contained corresponds only to the data obtained from the epidemiological study of a suspected case of viral respiratory disease at the time it is identified in the medical units of the Health-Sector (USMER). According to the clinical diagnosis of admission, it is considered as an outpatient or hospitalized patient. The database does not include the evolution during the stay in the medical-units, with the exception of updates to when the patient is discharged of the hospital and when epidemiological surveillance units or health jurisdictions determines the case of death patients.



Universidad Panamericana - Guadalajara


Spatial Econometrics, COVID-19