Fast 3D Clear: A Fast, Aqueous-Based, Reversible Three-Day Tissue Clearing Method for Adult and Embryonic Mouse Brain and Whole Body

Published: 7 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/65cr9wnkm2.1
Stylianos Kosmidis


To date a variety of Tissue Clearing methods have emerged as powerful tools to study intact whole organ anatomy and neuronal brain circuits. However, most of the current clearing methods are time consuming and require the use of several organic solvents rendering the tissues incapable of further processing other than light sheet microscopy. Here we developed a new tissue clearing method named Fast Clear. This water-based clearing method requires a small number of organic agents, provides transparent adult mouse brains in short time (less than 3 days) preserving any transgenic or viral/dye fluorophore and is completely reversible maintaining the integrity of the tissue making compatible with any other clearing method and immunohistochemistry


Steps to reproduce

Follow the detailed Protocol.


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